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I Lost a Week

I know that last weekend we all lost an hour’s sleep, but I seem to have lost an entire week. Somehow I didn’t realize that Monday was Monday until sometime late Tuesday, which is why there was no blog post on the Monday that I forgot was Monday.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind losing this past week.

Between a toilet that needs to be replaced (happening Monday), an ever-changing work schedule (which is looking to be just as much “fun” next week), and an internet that is up for a few seconds, down for several minutes, up for a few seconds, down for several minutes (and an ISP that is staffed by idiots), I am so done.

On the other hand, I kind of can’t wait to see what the coming week brings.

And if I have no internet this weekend I’ll be more productive with writing and editing and crocheting. And with deep cleaning the bathroom.

(Eternal optimist, I am.)

I did a quick re-read of what I have written for Hedge House. Lots of plot holes and things to go back and add to it, and it needs to be finished, but for my first foray into present day urban fantasy/paranormal I think it’s not too too bad. At least, I don’t hate it.

Other than that, I haven’t done much with writing and editing this past week. I have Book One of The Academy of the Accord in my car, along with the binder that will be the concordance, but I need to spread out to work on those and I feel guilty hanging out at Starbuck’s or Panera when they are limiting seating due to Covid and social distancing guidelines, so they’ve just been hanging out in my back seat for the past week.

I’m going to hope that my internet holds long enough to get this posted. It’s been stable for about the last half hour (a new record for the night! thirty minutes vs thirty seconds!)



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