Just Another Manic Monday…

Add “Wheelchair Repair” to my list of credentials. This morning we picked up N, the student that I’m on the bus with, and were bouncing along a back road on our way to pick up a second boy for a trip to school.

We hit a bump, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, looked over, and N had disappeared. At first I thought the back of his wheelchair had reclined all the way, but he was holding onto the bar across the top and a second look showed that the entire backrest had come off, with my patient still strapped to it.

Me: “Bob, we have a problem.”

Bob: looks in rearview mirror and pulls off the road and comes around to the back doors of the van

Bob: I don’t know how to fix this.

Me: Me either but we’ll figure it out.

We got it put back on, and Bob stepped down from the back of the van, got his jacket caught on the inside door handle, and nearly fell.

Me: Are you all right?!
Me, silently: “Please don’t make me have to drive the van too!”

Bob: I’m okay.

We started off on our way and a couple miles later…

Me: Bob, we have a problem.

Yep, it came off again. This time we inserted some pins into holes. We’re not sure they were supposed to go in the holes, but they were hanging there, and they fit, and they seemed like they were maybe supposed to hold the backrest in place. At any rate, we made it to the school without any further incident.

Just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Writer/Pagan/Witch/Nurse.

I did some crocheting this afternoon and I think I’m about ready to dive back into editing and writing, probably tomorrow. (I have a very early wake up tomorrow so won’t have time to get into it much tonight.)


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