Word Problems

No, not the kind from math class where no one really cared where the trains were when they passed each other.

No, this kind is worse.

I’m on Book 8 (number subject to change) of the Academy of the Accord series, and I have no idea what happened to my formatting.

I usually use 1.15 line spacing, and “remove space after paragraphs” and double space between block paragraphs. (Yes, it’s a pain in the rear to do the formatting for Kindle later, but it’s easier for me to “see” it this way, and I spend a lot more time writing and editing than I spend on Kindle formatting.)

Somehow this book is… totally FUBAR’d.*

All of it seems to be in “add space after paragraph” mode (with the exception of a few lines here and there that I stumble across at random intervas).

And just to add to the fun, I just found a section with spacing of 2.25.

I have no idea how any of that happened.

I tried to paste the whole thing into a new document with proper formatting to see if I could get it to “use destination formatting” and that was a no go too.

And I can’t seem to fix the whole thing at once so I am going through and fixing every paragraph manually. I’m on page 88 of 316 pages (size 14 font: easier on old eyes).  At this rate I’ll still be on this book at the end of the month.


*FUBAR: F’d Up Beyond All Recognition


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