Hearts Repaired


Hearts Repaired (Professions of Love #1)

A confident doctor. A sexy mechanic. A May/December romance to fall in love with.

Lawrence Barnsdale was stunned when he woke up next to a much younger man. This wasn’t his style. This wasn’t him. He knew the relationship was doomed when he realized that Curtis was smart, funny and an accomplished doctor. Why would Curtis be interested in an over-the-hill mechanic?

Curtis knew from the night they first met that Lawrence was the kind of guy he could have a future with. If only he could convince Lawrence that the age difference didn’t matter.

Hearts Repaired is the first book in a May/December contemporary gay romance series. If you like second chances, real men, and finding a connection, then you’ll love this new series by Caraway Carter.

Buy Hearts Repaired to discover the men of Professions of Love today! This was originally published as The Doctor & The Mechanic, but has been rewritten and is now a 49k novel.

Book 2, Hearts Redesigned will be released April 13th and will be available for Pre-order soon. There is also a sneak peek at the end of Hearts Repaired.


Curtis lay watching the other man in the room gather his clothing, admiring the shape of his shoulders, remembering feeling protected when he held on to them. Lawrence bent to pick up a pair of black socks and his shoes.

Curtis grinned as Lawrence stood in the room looking for one article that was missing.

“You don’t have to rush out the door,” Curtis said.

“Don’t I?” Lawrence brushed the clothes from the chair to the floor and took a seat. “Oh Lord, you are young.” He ran his hand through short salt-and-pepper hair.

“Come back up here.” Curtis patted the sheet beside him.

Lawrence shook his head. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I bet I’m old enough to be your grandfather.”

“Hardly,” Curtis chuckled and sat up against the headboard. “I’m not as young as you think.” He winked. “Besides, what does it matter? It wasn’t an issue last night. I don’t think either of us thought about age. I seem to remember us both passing out satiated.”

“Aha!” Lawrence lifted his boxer-briefs off the floor with his toe. “I had a heart attack when you began kissing down my neck. I’m not used to men being so forward.”

Curtis bent over and grabbed the underwear away.

“Hey!” Lawrence said, reaching for them and missing.

Curtis backed up, taunting him with the underwear. “Hey, what?”

“Give me those,” Lawrence said indignantly. “Come on.”

Curtis grinned. The handsome, older man was probably used to getting his way, but it wasn’t going to happen this time.

“Nope.” Curtis shook his head to match his word. “I’m being forward again. You’ll get these when you get back up here.” He patted the spot beside him again.

Lawrence rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you going to be late for class or something?” He leaned over Curtis and grabbed at the striped boxer-briefs, then sat down empty-handed on the edge of the bed.

“Ah-ah-ah,” said Curtis, wagging his finger with a grin. “I didn’t say when you’d get them, just that you would—eventually.” Curtis glanced at the phone on the nightstand. “I don’t have to be at work until noon.” He tucked Lawrence’s shorts under his pillow and went back to revisit the neck he’d enjoyed the night before. Lawrence shivered.

“But seriously, what time is it? I’ve got an early appointment today.”

“Then you can reschedule it.” Curtis continued kissing down his shoulder, looking for the spot that had made Lawrence moan last night.

“No, I really c-can’t,” Lawrence stammered, his eyes fluttering closed in spite of himself. “Oh, God, that feels nice.”

“Well, that’s good, because it’s supposed to,” Curtis said, as his lips got to the inside of Lawrence’s elbow.

Lawrence moaned just the way Curtis was hoping.

Curtis raised an eyebrow. “If I tell you, will you stop trying to get dressed?”

Lawrence considered. “Yes,” he allowed after a long, drawn-out pause.

“It’s just now quarter-to-seven. How early is that appointment?” God, why am I up so early?

“Not that early,” Lawrence said, giving in. He pulled his legs up and lay back, outstretched. “It’s a good thing I didn’t get a stitch of clothing on.”

“Yeah, it’ll make this a lot easier.” Curtis bent over Lawrence, kissing along his neck to his chest, and slipped between Lawrence’s legs. His tongue snaked around each nipple before continuing down to Lawrence’s flat stomach. Above and under him, Lawrence drew in breath between his teeth, a long, sensuous hiss.

Pressing against the lengthening cock beneath him, Curtis licked his lips. “I want some more, old man,” he said.

“I have to know how old you are,” Lawrence said unsteadily as Curtis picked up speed. “I—I might not have done the math right. What are you, twenty-five, twenty-eight?”

“Law, you’re hilarious. I’m out of school, trust me.”

Publisher: Never Too Late Books

Author: Caraway Carter

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Length: 212 Pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

Release Date: 1/12/21

Pairing: MM

Price: 3.99, 9.99

Series: Professions of Love (Book One)

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, May/December, Age Gap

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Author Bio:

Caraway Carter has worn numerous hats. He’s been a furniture salesman, a dresser, a costumer, an actor/waiter, a rabble-rouser, a poet and most recently a writer. He loves words and stringing them together, he loves sex and sexy men, and he writes relationship fiction that reminds you–it’s never too late for love. And he has lived his tagline. He married his husband on Halloween, at the age of forty-nine, and they are the loving parents of an adorable cat named Molly.

Author Links:

Website: http://www.carawaycarter.com

Facebook (Personal): https://www.facebook.com/carawaycarter

Facebook Readers Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/carawayseeds

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/carawaycarter

Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/carawaycarter

Newsletter: http://www.carawaycarter.com/carried-away/


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