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Sunday Snippet, July 26, 2020

Switching gears to my Camp NaNoWriMo project.  Song and Sight is a sequel to Song and Sword (but true to form, I think there’s another book that has to come between the two of them. Someday I’ll write a series in order, but today is not that day.)

This is from the preface and is picking up from last week:

Evisha hated the Drow more than most in the pens. He wondered if that was because she was here instead of being a slave on one of the estates. He studied her as she ranted, turning that idea over in his mind. Physically she was beautiful, long dark hair dark eyes, a slender curvy figure. But her hair was tangled and matted and her eyes were cold and hard and filled with hatred and scorn. And her body had been used too much by too many. He frowned. Her body was probably why she had been brought to the breeding pens to begin with. 

Not that the trolls were overly particular as to what their mates looked like. As long as it was female, they would mate with it, and it didn’t matter if it was their own race or another, or if the female was willing or not. But the Drow slavers, they were a little pickier, and the prettier females were reserved for their use, kept from the breeding pens as long as they pleased them.

“And another thing,” Evisha went on, “I’d take all of their females and lock them away and start my own breeding program.”


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