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Sunday Snippet, July 19, 2020

Switching gears to my Camp NaNoWriMo project.  Song and Sight is a sequel to Song and Sword (but true to form, I think there’s another book that has to come between the two of them. Someday I’ll write a series in order, but today is not that day.)

This is from the preface and is picking up from last week:

“I – I said ‘freedom is coming,’” he stammered. 

Evisha frightened him. Yes, she had taken him in and given him a place to stay and enough food to stay alive, but she was cold and harsh, almost cruel even in her kindness. She was a shaman – or would have been if they were free to follow their old ways, but the Drow had outlawed them centuries ago.

“Freedom,” she snorted. “We’ll never be free as long as our so-called king is a pampered pet servant to the Drow.”

Nisham said nothing. He had heard her rant about Sutag many times before, how he was a slave at the Drow castle, how he had opportunity to kill the king and the crown prince, to lead a revolt and free their people. 

“If I was in his place they would all be dead and we would be the ones living in the castle with them serving us.”

Nisham wasn’t certain how the Drow would serve them if they were all dead, but he didn’t think it was wise to point out the flaw in her logic, so he tuned her out, half listening to a rant he knew all too well.



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