Sunday Snippet, December 15, 2019

Looks like I’ll be posting from this for a while yet, maybe even long enough to find a cable for my external hard drive, or the hand written part of the story that I know I’ve seen somewhere.

This follows from last week’s snippet.

Veren closed the kitchen door behind him and paused, taking a deep breath, his mind racing. He knew his duty, of course, but tonight it didn’t seem right. He smiled to himself. He could delay it, he supposed, using the excuse of her Call. After all, two Talents were better than one…

His mind made up, he turned and made his way into an older part of the building.  He didn’t need to tell his Masters about her just yet – or maybe ever, he added, surprising himself. He had never disobeyed before, had never stepped outside of the bounds of his duties. Not disobeying. He was not under any direct orders concerning this woman. In fact, they didn’t even know she was here. He was, of course, duty-bound to tell them, but…

But he found himself knocking quietly on a door and stepping back, waiting for it to be opened. 




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5 responses to “Sunday Snippet, December 15, 2019

  1. Oh, how easy it is to justify the actions we want to take!

  2. He’s certainly talking himself into doing what he really wants to do! Made me smile at how he’s justifying his actions or inactions…very well done snippet!

  3. Working out the logical excuse – but will it work?

  4. iris

    love the inner self talk. It’ll be interesting to find out what he will do in the end.

  5. smithandskarry1

    I hope you find your notes and cable soon, I know how frustrating that can be – but in the meantime I’m loving these snips; love all his self-talk and what it shows about his character and the situation – but at the same time I’m now very worried that the warm and friendly way this place has presented itself is just a veneer beneath which danger could be lurking?

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