Sunday Snippet, December 8, 2019

Looks like I’ll be posting from this for a while yet, maybe even long enough to find a cable for my external hard drive, or the hand written part of the story that I know I’ve seen somewhere.

This follows from last week’s snippet.

“I am seeking someone,”

“May I be of assistance?”

“I… don’t know who I’m looking for exactly,” she admitted.

He raised an eyebrow.

“It’s…a Call.” Surely if he was part of this place he would understand.

“Ah, I see. Come with me. I’m sure there’s someone here who can help you.” He held out an arm, motioning her to accompany him and she fell into stride with him as he guided her along a path that wrapped around the side of the house. The path was shadowed and dark, but Kestra felt no fear or discomfort from the man’s presence; despite the fact that he was city-born she found herself trusting him.

The path opened into a large garden area. Herbs, flowers and vegetables shared the space and fruit trees lined the walls. Her guide led her to the back door and opened it, ushering her into a kitchen, the scent of food making her mouth water. The man smiled and pulled a chair out from the table, then dished out a bowl of stew and set it in front of her. “Eat,” he said. “I’ll go find someone to help you.”

“Thank you,” she said. He smiled before he disappeared through a doorway, leaving her to her meal and a few moments of peace to gather her thoughts, which were whirling. Kestra wasn’t sure what she had been expecting to be met with here in the city, but this warmth and welcome hadn’t been it.




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6 responses to “Sunday Snippet, December 8, 2019

  1. Ah – she’s arrived at a good place.

  2. Even if she wasn’t expecting it, I’m sure a warm welcome is better than a frigid one.

  3. Love the descriptions. Great snippet.

  4. She’s sure has been welcomed into their midst with ease.

  5. Glad to see the warm welcome is passing her expectations… but also a little sad that she didn’t expect much from a city-born in the first place. That speaks of troubling experiences.

  6. smithandskarry1

    I love how her reactions to this warm welcome tell so much about her character and hint at so much in her past all within such a small space!

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