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Sunday Snippet, November 24, 2019

This follows from last week’s snippet since people seemed to want more of it. (I do have more typed up, but there is more of it somewhere else, I’m sure of it. This past week I found an old external hard drive and as soon as I find a cable that I can use to access it (it has a teeny tiny port) I’ll see what’s on there and hope that “SRish” is one of them.)

A whisper of peace caught her attention and she turned toward it. Sanctuary. A small secluded area near the gates, a shelter for the rare traveler from the Wilds. Gratefully she slipped through its open gates and felt the pressure ease as she stepped into a courtyard, her dark brown eyes taking in her surroundings.

Ahead of her stood a tall stone building. Ornate columns rose on either side of its heavy double doors, and a warm light glowed through the windows. It was just as she remembered it, and yet, it wasn’t. Something felt different. She tried to shake off the feeling, but it persisted. A flowering vine softened the stone with its fragrant embrace and she drew the scent deeply into her lungs, feeling her head swim slightly from the fragrance. She let her breath out slowly and tried to relax, but the strangeness of the place kept her slightly on edge, slightly wary.




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