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Sunday Snippet, October 13, 2019

This follows from last week’s post. (The love potion in question ate away at some stones.)

(A bit more background about this story. It was started to go along with a D20tabletop RPG that a friend was creating.  I have no idea where his project currently stands; I should probably ask him.)


“Now, now. What’s Tuiee going to say when he sees what his love potion does, hm?”

Chollee snorted. “As if I care what that fat no-talent shopkeeper has to say!”

“Ooooh… he’s going to fire you!”

She shrugged. “He fires me every week.”

“And you keep working.”

“He pays well. And he needs me.” 

The truth was, Tuiee had always been very good to her, and she truly did love the old man, even though she seriously doubted his stories of being a grand wizard. 

“Keep on believing it,” Ozell said. “Things are going to change and you’ll need him someday.”


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