Sunday Snippet,September 1 2019

Still posting from Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy this month, mostly because I’m too lazy to pick something different. (This is also why the same CD stays in my car’s player for months on end.)


Character introduction:
Trebor is an Empath.
D’Laron is his best friend and a Healer.
(They are both university professors as well as Mages.)
Katheri is a student at the university and has Mage potential.
Ellinea was D’Laron’s Questora, now deceased.

Xooshemi is going to get a name change. She’s a member of the Mage Guild (an archivist), and was D’Laron’s Saja. 

A few vocabulary words for now and for future reference.
Qestora is a female apprentice
Qestoro is a male apprentice
Qestori is the plural and can refer to males, females, or both.
Mentors/trainers are:
Saj (singular, male or female)
Sajo (male)
Saja (female)
Sajen (plural, male or female)


Skipping a few lines from last week.

“There’s more, isn’t there?” D’Laron asked softly. He knew the answer. He didn’t want to hear it, but he knew he had to.

Trebor hesitated. 

“Say it, Trebor. I need to hear someone else say it.”

D’Laron’s pain was raw and sharp and Trebor took a deep breath, closing his eyes, trying to block it out.


D’Laron hissed softly and drew in on himself, the name bringing fresh pain. “Yes,” he said. “Ellinea.”

“I’m sorry, Del.”

D’Laron looked up, his eyes moist. “I blame myself.” He fastened his gaze on the tips of his shoes, wishing this entire conversation had never been started.

“I know. But it wasn’t you.”

“I know. But…” He sighed. “I should have stepped in. I shouldn’t have let Xooshemi ride her so hard, make things so difficult for her. I failed her.”





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4 responses to “Sunday Snippet,September 1 2019

  1. You’ve got me wondering what happened to Ellinea. BTW, your link to this page didn’t get posted on the Snippet Sunday Facebook page.

  2. Some intense backstory going on here, count me in as very intrigued. Terrific snippet!

  3. I want to know what happened to Ellinea now.

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