Rainbow Snippet for 8-17-2019

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Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, bloggers, and readers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).   Check out all the other awesome snippets by clicking on the picture above.

Still posting from Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy this month, mostly because I’m too lazy to pick something different. (This is also why the same CD stays in my car’s player for months on end.)

Character introduction:
Trebor is an Empath. D’Laron is his best friend and a Healer.
Luthen is… Well, an Elder in their tradition, and a mentor, especially to Trebor.
Katheri is also an Empath, and Trebor and D’Laron are her Sajen – her trainers/mentors.
Sidden is a Healer and Empath, more experienced than Trebor or D’Laron.

Picking up the morning after last week’s post:

“Where did Luthen go?” Katheri asked.

“He’s checking on Zari and Aithen, and then on some of our other people.”

“Things are getting worse, aren’t they?”

“I’m afraid so, Del,” Sidden replied. “The Church is growing in power and we are powerless to stop it. All we can do now is prepare to ride out whatever changes come, and find our way back together again.”

“They are scattering?”

“Not yet, but that is looking to be more and more likely. It seems like our safest bet.”

“And… Home?” Trebor asked hesitantly.

Sidden shook his head. “No decision yet. For now it stands – we need a central place to regroup and where we can leave messages for one another.”

D’Laron nodded. “How long do you think we have?”

“It’s hard to say. Some places are safer than others. The cities are the worst but most of our people are in more rural areas, which is a bit of a two edged sword — the Church has less of a stronghold there, but the people tend to be less educated and more superstitious, and thus more easily led and influenced by the Church.”

“So we’re scattering, but where to?” Trebor asked.

“Any place that feels safe,” Sidden answered. “Some of us are actively seeking a safe haven where we can all gather, and others are looking for places where they can live in peace and keep our ways alive, even if only within their own families. Home is still safe enough for now, but…”



And while I’m at it:
Qestoro is a male apprentice
Qestori is the plural and can refer to males, females, or both.
Mentors/trainers are:
Saj (singular, male or female)
Sajo (male)
Saja (female
Sajen (plural, male or female)









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5 responses to “Rainbow Snippet for 8-17-2019

  1. This is heartbreaking. I feel so bad for them.

  2. Poor guys. It’s sad when “feeling safe” is the bar you’re reaching for.

  3. Intense and heartbreaking, I’m worried for them!

  4. smithandskarry1

    Ah, this is the story of my own people – so heartbreaking!

  5. What a heartbreaking snippet.

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