Sunday Snippet, July 21, 2019

My Camp NaNoWriMo project this month is yet another attempt to get a handle on Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy. (Yes, I know I’ve tried to finish this in other Camp sessions, but this time I’ve had an “ah-ha!” moment on how to fix a plot issue so I actually have hope…

Character introduction:
Trebor is an Empath. D’Laron is his best friend and a Healer.

This follows from last week.

Trebor took a front row seat next to the door and opened himself to the emotions of the students as they filed in, mostly so he could filter out everyone except Katheri. He had a description of who he was looking for – a petite, slender brunette with dark eyes and fair skin. 

He recognized her as soon as she stepped through the doorway and his heart stopped. She was beautiful, but it was her vulnerability that struck him. She was so vulnerable and so hurt and so frightened – so deeply frightened. He wanted to reach out and hold her and comfort her and tell her that it would be all right, and it was all he could do to stay in his chair. 

He reached out to check for Potential, and he found it. Hidden, buried, a spark that was almost gone. They had to reach her – soon.

He looked up to meet D’Laron’s gaze and nodded slightly. D’Laron returned the nod and started taking role as the class settled.

D’Laron introduced Trebor and Katheri’s eyes widened briefly when she looked at him, then she turned her attention to the lecture but she remained unsettled.

As class went on, Trebor focused on Katheri. He could feel a tension in her. Tracking it, he realized that she was torn regarding D’Laron. Wanting to talk to him, but afraid. “She knows,” he thought. “She senses his Power, and mine. And it scares her.”







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6 responses to “Sunday Snippet, July 21, 2019

  1. A petite, slender brunette with dark eyes and fair skin — and potential. What’s not to like?

  2. Enjoying the process of how they’re going about trying to help her. An effective snippet!

  3. I’m curious if she’ll make the move to speak with them. I enjoyed the snippet. You pulled me right in and made me crave for more. :)

  4. I would be leery of these fellows scrutinizing me too.

  5. smooth and insightful descriptions

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