Sunday Snippet, May 5, 2019

More from Hedge House, a paranormal/urban fantasy that I hope to have out later this year. This follows from last week’s snippet.

“No wonder he thinks he owns everything – or is entitled to it all.”

Jacob nodded. “And that’s why he wants this place so badly. Part of it, anyhow.  See, your ancestors were here first. They came here and built this place and claimed this area as theirs. And when the Blackthorns came along with their people, they refused to join in on the town or give up their land for it. That’s why the town limit borders your property.”

Cara frowned. “Why settle here? What is it about this spot?”

“Do you mean your ancestors?”

She nodded.

“That’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. I know Belle kept journals of her own, and restored ones that weren’t legible anymore.”

“But then why did Blackthorn settle here too? It seems like things weren’t really… friendly.”

“No, not really. Apparently Blackthorn’s ancestors and yours had a long history even before they came here. Your people came here to settle somewhere away from them, and they followed to harass them.”

Cara shook her head. “Apparently juvenile thug behavior didn’t just start in this decade.”

Jacob laughed. “Not just in this century either.”


Tentative Blurb:

When Cara Hawthorne returns to the childhood home she had been torn away from twenty years earlier, she thinks it will be to do nothing more than settle her grandmother’s estate and return to her job as a junior lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Tulsa.

But every nook and cranny of the house and gardens unearths long-buried memories, and when the town’s mayor sets his sights on her and the property she finds herself caught up in a centuries old battle with powers she has only barely begun to understand


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2 responses to “Sunday Snippet, May 5, 2019

  1. Thug behavior seems to be in every century in some form or another. Great snippet.

  2. Boy Jacob can say that again! I’m quite curious to know what started this age old feud between the two families.

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