Sunday Snippet, February 3, 2019

Skipping a few lines from last week’s snippet of Hedge House, a paranormal/urban fantasy.  Cara and Tamira are discussing Jonas Blackthorn. (Please note, this is still a rough draft.)

“I don’t think there’s anything he could say or do to make me trust him,” Cara said. “Especially since Jacob warned me about him as well.”

“Good,” Tamira said. “You have a good head on your shoulders, and good instincts. But you’re young and he can be very persuasive. And he’s powerful, and like most powerful men, he’s used to getting his own way.”

Cara snorted. “I’m a lawyer. I battle people like him on a daily basis.”

Tamira shook her head, but there was a soft smile on her lips. “Not like him, but I’m glad to hear that you won’t be intimidated by him, or let him pressure you into something you’ll regret.”

Cara was about to ask her what she meant when the door opened again. This time it was Jacob and they both relaxed. His gaze sharpened for a moment and for a few seconds he seemed to soften somehow, then he frowned. “What happened?”


Tentative Blurb:

When Cara Hawthorne returns to the childhood home she had been torn away from twenty years earlier, she thinks it will be to do nothing more than settle her grandmother’s estate and return to her job as a junior lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Tulsa.

But every nook and cranny of the house and gardens unearths long-buried memories, and when the town’s mayor sets his sights on her and the property she finds herself caught up in a centuries old battle with powers she has only barely begun to understand


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5 responses to “Sunday Snippet, February 3, 2019

  1. So Jacob is observant enough to figure out they were discussing something important, but not intuitive enough to figure out what it was.

  2. I like Cara’s confidence but I have a feeling she’s up against forces like she’s never met before. Enjoyed the snippet!

  3. Jacob is an interesting man. He sees more than he says.

  4. Jacob sure can pick up on things quickly. :)

  5. siobhanmuir

    bwahahahaha, won’t he be relieved when they say it wasn’t him they were talking about. Good snippet, P.T.

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