The Blizzard that Isn’t


We missed the blizzard that they were calling for here in Western Pennsylvania (originally up to 18 inches predicted) but we definitely got the cold air. Low teens yesterday and today, zero or below at night, and let’s not talk about the windchill.

This afternoon I went out and cleared a couple inches of snow off my car so I wouldn’t have to do it before work tomorrow. (I’m working an agency assignment as a school nurse so there wasn’t any school today.) I made a half-hearted attempt to clear the ice off my windshield but I think it’s become part of the glass. I’ll let the defroster deal with it in the morning.

All four car doors were frozen shut.  (I didn’t try the hatch.) I managed to get all but one (rear door on the driver’s side) open.

Then I came inside and found messages from my agency that I was canceled for tomorrow. (I don’t know why._

But enough about the weather.

Where have I been all month?

Well, on the fifth I got hit with a really bad cold that turned me into a zombie for a week. (I dragged myself into work on the sixth but barely made it through the day and ended up missing Tuesday and Wednesday that week because I just couldn’t function.)

So that was my first week. I have no idea what happened last week as to why I didn’t write a post but I’m hopefully back on track now.

Anyhow… writing stuff.

I got behind on my one hundred words a day while I was sick but got caught up. (That’s the beauty of only committing to one hundred words a day. Missing a couple of days doesn’t throw you into a pit that you feel like you’ll never crawl out of.)

I’ve also finished going over what I had printed of Hedge House so I have at least some editing done. Now if I can just quit working on the steampunk thing and get back to work finishing it.

Anyhow, that’s my current life in a nutshell, which is probably where it belongs.



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