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So Far, So Good, More or Less

Yes, I know it’s only the fourth day of the month (and year) but so far I have managed to write a hundred words every day.

These words have not, unfortunately, been added to Hedge House, mostly because I’m highly annoyed that a piece of a scene that I’m positive that I wrote is not in the main document or anywhere else.

I have worked on Hedge House, though. I have a print out of what’s written so far and am doing some editing and note making.

I haven’t touched anything else yet, other than a new idea that I’m working on. I’ve never written steampunk before, and this is also first person point of view with the point of view character being a man, so it’s an interesting experiment.

I like this writing a novel one hundred words at a time thing, though. It doesn’t take long and it’s kind of fun. Now if I could just get started on doing it to Hedge House

Why 100 words a day?

Because it’s doable and it’s still progress, even though it’s slow progress.

I actually started a Face Book group for people who are struggling with getting things written. It’s called 100 Words  and the following is from the description.

One hundred words. That’s all. Just one hundred words. Anyone can write one hundred words, right? Of course you can! And that’s the point.

This group is designed for writers who are struggling. We’ve all been there. (Some of us still are there.)

You want to write. You have ideas. Maybe you have works in progress. But it all seems too overwhelming to even get started.

Maybe you think you don’t have time. But come on. One hundred words. You have time for that.

Maybe you’re seeing your writing friends churning out two or three thousand words in one day and feel discouraged by your lack of progress. (We’ve all had those kinds of days too!)

One hundred words a day may not seem like much, but it’s better than zero words a day, and such a small goal may be exactly what you need to get yourself moving toward a two to three thousand words day.

So there you have it – my reasoning for writing at least one hundred words a day. I can easily do that even around work and home and dogs. And I once I hit one hundred words I can quit or keep going, whichever time and energy allows.

And so far it’s paying off – I’ll have over 3100 words written by the end of the month, maybe more if I get on a good streak on weekends.

Speaking of weekends, I hope everyone enjoys theirs!




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