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Sunday Snippet, November 11, 2018

Picking up from last week’s snippet of Hedge House. Cara is about to meet the first of the “Casserole Brigade.”


“Cara, I’d like to introduce you to Amy Potts. Her husband owns the hardware store here in town but their son runs it now.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mrs. Potts,” Cara said, extending her hand.

“Oh, honey, there’s no need to be so formal. Your grandmother and I were old friends. We went to school together.”

“It must be hard to lose someone you’ve known for so long.”

“Yes. Losing her is leaving quite a hole in this town. I know you’re going to be busy and overwhelmed, so I brought you a pan of lasagna. Mr. Wylde has put it in the refrigerator for you.”

“Thank you so much. That will be very much appreciated. Would you care for some coffee?”

“I would, dear, but perhaps another time. My grandson is in the car waiting for me. I don’t drive and he took the time to bring me here. You should meet him sometime, he’s about your age and such a fine young man.”

“Did she just try to play matchmaker?” Cara asked when the door had closed behind Mrs. Potts.

Jacob laughed. “She’s been trying to get that grandson of hers married off since he turned eighteen.” He sobered. “Be careful of her, Cara. She’s a busybody and if the truth isn’t interesting enough she makes sure to embellish it until it is.”

“I take it that the ‘hole’ my grandmother left was in her gossip base?”

“Very perceptive. Yes, your grandmother was the talk of the town in more ways than one.”

Before Cara could ask for clarification the doorbell rang, announcing another covered dish. 


Tentative Blurb:

When Cara Hawthorne returns to the childhood home she had been torn away from twenty years earlier, she thinks it will be to do nothing more than settle her grandmother’s estate and return to her job as a junior lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Tulsa.

But every nook and cranny of the house and gardens unearths long-buried memories, and when the town’s mayor sets his sights on her and the property she finds herself caught up in a centuries old battle with powers she has only barely begun to understand


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