Character Book

Yes, I’m back posting again, outside of the blog hops and writing prompt posts.

One of my other addictions is paper crafts – scrapbooking, junk journals, artist trading cards, etc. I can’t say I’m good at any of it, but I enjoy it, and that’s what counts, right?


So, anyhow…

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was gluing pictures of people into a composition book.  So of course she asked why.  (I mean, that does seem to be an odd thing for a 57 year old woman to be doing.)

So I explained:

“So they can be characters in stories. I’m going to name them and write back stories for them. Then when I see an open call for submissions I have a good starting point.”

She said that it seemed like a good idea and that I should blog about it, so here I am, blogging about it.

See, what kind of started it all was an open submission call that had a deadline of the 21st. So of course, having known about it for a month or more, I decided on the 10th that I was going to write something for it. (Never mind that I had absolutely no idea what to write, or any characters in mind, either.)

Anyhow, that pretty much fizzled. I didn’t get the minimum word count done and the story line wasn’t working very well. (Well, it was, but I think it needs to be longer than what I could put together in time for the deadline, so now it’s on one of my bazillion back burners.)

I’m hoping that the next time I see a call that intrigues me I can leaf through my book and take a look at some ready-made characters with back stories that I can exploit use to create plot and conflict and all that other good stuff.

Meanwhile, it’s a great writing exercise.





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3 responses to “Character Book

  1. stephaniedanielsonauthor

    I love that idea! I did something similar by just saving photos in a file. Great exercise to at least do the backstories.

  2. You know, my other theory to you gluing people into a notebook was you were creating a burn book or hit list book and I was curiously wondering if I knew anyone in it. (And hoped I wasn’t in it.) Lmao.

  3. Stevie Miller

    I think this is a great way to combine different styles of creativity! Our minds are at their most productive when we can use all our different sides together.

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