Sunday Snippet, September 2, 2018

More from Hedge House, a paranormal/urban fantasy, almost finished first draft.


“Jacob.  What… arrangements… have been made?”

“The funeral home will have the viewing whenever you’re ready – tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. She wants to be cremated, so that’s arranged as well. And she wants her ashes planted with a tree.”

“Wants? You talk like she’s still alive.”

“Only the physical body is gone, Cara. Her spirit is very much alive.”

“I know. Just…”

“It sounds strange to you to talk about her as if she was here in the room with us.” She nodded and he smiled. “Then I’ll try not to, at least, until you’re ready to think of her that way.”


Tentative Blurb:

When Cara Hawthorne returns to the childhood home she had been torn away from twenty years earlier, she thinks it will be to do nothing more than settle her grandmother’s estate and return to her job as a junior lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Tulsa.

But every nook and cranny of the house and gardens unearths long-buried memories, and when the town’s mayor sets his sights on her and the property she finds herself caught up in a centuries old battle with powers she has only barely begun to understand


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7 responses to “Sunday Snippet, September 2, 2018

  1. Intriguing idea – a ghostly grandmother at large?

  2. Hmmm, I’m guessing she may be more present, if not in actual body, than your heroine believes! Enjoyed the excerpt….I always love your ‘voice’.

  3. Jacob’s attitude toward her death is very interesting.

  4. It feels like there’s a double meaning to her words…

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Interesting view of death. I like it.

  6. siobhanmuir

    Oh I like the last line. That’s a cool concept. Great snippet, P.T. :)

  7. love his way of seeing her as still “present” … interesting.

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