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Sunday Snippet, August 12, 2018

I’m posting from Hedge House, a nearly completed first draft. Finishing it is going to be my project for Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I’m not quite sure whether to classify it as paranormal or urban fantasy; the two of them tend to blur together a lot for me.

Skipping ahead a bit from last week. Cara has reached her grandmother’s house (after a few wrong turns).


She stepped out of the car and pocketed the keys, taking a deep breath of the evening air and savoring the scent of freshly cut grass. A few birds squabbled in the hedge that surrounded the property and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves and brushed her hair, soothing her.

“I see you made it. Any trouble?”

Jacob’s now familiar voice was closer than she had expected and she jumped, startled.

“Not after I turned the wrong way three times.”

He chuckled, his blue eyes crinkling in his weathered face. “You did well finding it at all after all this time.” He sobered, his gaze sharpening as he studied her. “Any other trouble?”

“I… was delayed leaving the Starlight. The town mayor came to meet me.”


She nodded. There was a note of barely concealed contempt in the man’s voice and she shared the sentiment.

“The desk clerk called to tell him I was there.”

“Of course he did. Jonas owns the place. Come on, let’s get your luggage and drop it off in the house and then you can come on over to my place for some supper before you turn in. You look about ready to drop.”


Tentative Blurb:

When Cara Hawthorne returns to the childhood home she had been torn away from twenty years earlier, she thinks it will be to do nothing more than settle her grandmother’s estate and return to her job as a junior lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Tulsa.

But every nook and cranny of the house and gardens unearths long-buried memories, and when the town’s mayor sets his sights on her and the property she finds herself caught up in a centuries old battle with powers she has only barely begun to understand


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