A Farewell, a Non-Start, and a Melted Author

Sorry for missing Friday’s post, but we were taking our Jazzy to the vet to be sent across the Rainbow Bridge. She was almost 14, which is old for a Boxer, but she was still in good health (other than some arthritis) except for the cancer. It started as a mammary tumor because she was owned by a back yard breeder so she was never spayed until she was dumped at a shelter when she got too old to produce puppies. The tumor grew inward and then metastasized into her lungs and other organs.

So, it’s been a rough weekend.

And Riley, our other Boxer, has been glued to me ever since we got home on Friday. I don’t know what he’s going to do when I have to go to work today. (They were dumped at the shelter together.)

So, anyhow, not much in the way of world building has gotten done.

I did get what I have so far of Hedge House printed, and Friday night at work I started going through adding post it notes where stuff needs to be inserted. I didn’t get too far, but at least I got started.

I did pretty much nothing all weekend – it was just too hot. (Ninety degree heat waves that last for a week or more are just not normal in Pennsylvania.) I’m melting, the heat is sucking the life out of me and giving me a headache (do dead people have headaches?) and the AC in my car and at work is giving me a sinus infection.

Yes, I’m whining. But Camp NaNoWriMo started yesterday and I haven’t written a single word for it, which sucks.

I’m going to try to at least write a few paragraphs at work tonight to type up when I get home. I think if I can just get started…





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