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Sunday Snippet, April 1, 2018

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun and I’m back to work on the sequel to Song and Sword, so here’s an excerpt from the first day’s writing. (Warning: it’s still pretty raw.)

They’ve been discussing whether or not it would safe for Inizi (Torisden’s Intended) to be with them outside of the Elven homeland of Alur’va’sia, and Dakkas suggested more Elves moving into the Drow country of Raes’drao-V’len.


Pashevel nodded thoughtfully. “That’s might not be a bad idea. It would let more of your people get to know their brethren, now that more of them seem to be open to the idea. And it would let Inizi stay in Raes’drao-V’len with us.”

“Maybe,” Devrin said softly, “we should stop deciding where she stays or goes and let her have a say in it?”

Pashevel laughed. “Good point. I certainly don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with my future queen.”

“Your future queen?” Torisden stared at him. “You already have a queen.”

“Yes, as does Dak and as will you. But when all three kingdoms merge under your rule then you and Inizi will be our King and Queen.”

Torisden could only stare at him. “No,” he said softly. “I could never be your king, Pash. Or yours either, Dak. I… It wouldn’t feel right.”

“Nevertheless, it will happen,” Pashevel said, smiling. “But as I said before, we’re not ready to step down just yet.”

 Song and Sword cover

Pashevel: a simple Elven Bard — and the Crown Prince

Marlia: a Paladin of Arithen, the Elven God of Justice – seeking vengeance for the destruction of her village

Dakkas: heir to the Drow throne — if his father and elder half-brother don’t kill him first

Kashrya: raised among a tribe of nomadic Humans, she is unaware of her true heritage — or of the prophecy that made her mother an outcast

Their goal: build a bridge between the Elves and their outcast brethren, the Drow, reuniting them and undoing the damage caused in a time so far gone that history has become legend and legend has become myth.

But first, they have a problem to solve:  how do you stop a war that hasn’t started?

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