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Sunday Snippet, February 4, 2018

Returning to Song and Sword for a while, until I decide on something else to torture you with and picking up from last week.

Sadly he [Dakkas] stroked Kashrya’s hair as he began to sing to her, the same lullaby he had been singing when the Elves had arrived. He was going to lose her. Once she realized that he was a Drow, once she realized that she could go with the Elves, to find people that would accept her… He had no illusions as to which she would prefer – an outcast member of an outcast race, or the Elves. He hung his head, not wanting the Elf to see his tears.

“Here.” Reflexively he looked up, his eyes falling on a travel cake. “I’m thinking you need something to tide you over while I get some supper started.” Hesitantly he reached for it, glancing up to try to read the Elf’s expression. “I don’t bite.”  There was gentle humor in the voice, and a deep understanding. “My name is Pashevel.”

“Dakkas.” He took the travel cake and broke off a bite. “And this is Kashrya.”


 Song and Sword cover

Pashevel: a simple Elven Bard — and the Crown Prince

Marlia: a Paladin of Arithen, the Elven God of Justice – seeking vengeance for the destruction of her village

Dakkas: heir to the Drow throne — if his father and elder half-brother don’t kill him first

Kashrya: raised among a tribe of nomadic Humans, she is unaware of her true heritage — or of the prophecy that made her mother an outcast

Their goal: build a bridge between the Elves and their outcast brethren, the Drow, reuniting them and undoing the damage caused in a time so far gone that history has become legend and legend has become myth.

But first, they have a problem to solve:  how do you stop a war that hasn’t started?

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