Plot Bunny Round Up Complete

Well, mostly.

I didn’t get into my Plot Bunny Bag on my day off. I was kind of a zombie that day since I’d worked night shift. I did, however, finish getting all of the starts into a binder. Or at least most of them. I remembered another that I need to put in (don’t worry, I wrote it down). I can’t seem to find it on my computer, though, which is somewhat worrisome, but I saw a back up file for it in an email so that should be okay.

And I still don’t know what “the L&G mess” is. (I have three brief ideas that all say they were untangled from “the L&G mess” but I have nothing that even sounds like it should be called “L&G.” All I know is that there’s a curse and an old trunk in an attic. Helpful, huh? Oh, and there are two rival secret societies, and a member of one is trying to kill a member of the other but I have no idea why. *sigh*)

And, no, I didn’t count the number of projects in the binder. Let’s just say there’s a lot. Like over a hundred. Like over a hundred fifty. Granted, some of those are the Academy of the Accord books which are mostly done, and a few others that are mostly done, but still…

And who knows what may still be lurking somewhere?



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