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Cause… and Cure?

No, I didn’t forget that today was Friday.

All day I’ve known I needed to write a blog post, but I couldn’t seem to come up with something to write about.

Then while I was down in the kitchen watching my dog eat (seriously, he won’t eat unless someone – preferably me – is there with him) and I was thinking that I was tired but it was way too early to go to bed. I was kind of staring at the dry erase calendar on the refrigerator and realized that in a little over a week I’ll be starting to work the night/evening rotation at work.

And I realized that I was looking forward to it. (This from the person who was so nervous about working the night shift when first asked.)

And then I realized that the reason I’m looking forward to working the night shift is that I work it alone. I’m the only nurse there. (And being the only nurse there was why I was so nervous about it to begin with.)

Now, understand, I’m an introvert. I covet alone time. I need alone time. And as much as I love my new job, I have very little alone time on it. There are two of us pouring meds and working out of one small room.

And along with that realization came the realization that I may have figured out why I feel so… physically tired all the time and blocked on a creative level. (I’ve been saying for a couple weeks now that I really need some time home alone to just chill, and it finally all connected in my head.)

So, now that I have (hopefully) figured out the source of the problem, I figure I’m halfway to finding the solution, which means that hopefully things will turn around now and get moving again.

And I’ve decided that the best project to work on writing will be the prequel to The Academy of the Accord, so that’s what I’ll work on until I find the concordance to the series.

That is, of course, unless the semi-plot bunny (which now has a third “good guy” character – who actually has a name, which is a nice change) gets too pushy and demands to be outlined or something.

(By the way, if any of my readers are psychic and have any ideas where the concordance might be, lay ‘em on me!)







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