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Happy New Year!

Yes, I forgot that Friday was Friday again. I set up my planner yesterday and used an orange highlighter to mark blog post days, so now all I have to do is remember to use my planner on a daily basis. I think I’ll set alerts on my phone, too, as soon as I figure out how. (It’s a new phone and I haven’t really had a lot of time to play with it.)

So anyhow, it’s that time again. Time to announce my writing goals for the year. (And month.)

By the end of the year I want to have finished the first round paper edits of all of the Academy of the Accord books, have the changes entered into the Word docs, and have them all reprinted and ready to go through the next round. I also want to have the concordance (story bible) updated with all of the questions and information from all of the books and have the questions answered and inserted into the manuscripts.

That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

To make matters worse, I also want to find time to work on other WiPs as well, even if it’s just a hundred words a day. Or fifty. (The good news is that if I get the evening and night rotation at work I’ll have time to hand write stuff, especially on night shift.)

So that’s the plan for 2018.

This month I want to get the changes to Book 5 entered, and get Book 5.5 ready to print, and get the concordance caught up through Book 5.

Yes, that does sound like a lot, although it will get easier after this month, I think. For the most part, I’ll be tackling one book a month. This month is a bit extreme because I’m kind of working on two at a time.

And my Word of the Year will help. I had trouble deciding on one. I was torn between Focus, Create, and Simplify, when all of a sudden the word I needed hit me like a pack of rabid plot bunnies.


I’m great at making plans and schedules and setting goals, but sometimes not so great on follow through, so my Word of the Year is simply “Do.” Stop over-thinking and over-planning, and DO.




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