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Rainbow Snippet for 12-9-2017

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Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, bloggers, and readers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).   Check out all the other awesome snippets by clicking on the picture above.

I’m posting excerpts from Doll, a little F/f BDSM story that I started back in January of 2014 for Siobhan Muir’s Thursday Threads Flash Fiction Challenge. It got a little over the word limit, but I liked it, so decided to keep it as the start an eventual novel. Maybe.

I don’t normally write in first person so I have no idea how this happened.  I’m blaming the writing prompt.

I also don’t normally write non spec-fic.

I also have no idea where this is going. It was and will probably continue to be) written in snippet form. (I was writing a few lines a week back then for another snippet group.)

We weren’t given a choice.

Not that we wanted one.

I dared a quick glance at the others who knelt beside me. 

To my left was Lissa: waist-length black hair, almond shaped light brown eyes, high cheekbones, olive complexion – she was an exotic beauty and she knew it, and the black leather collar with its brass studs and rings did nothing to diminish her haughtiness. She was here to learn her place, to learn to submit – to submit fully, not just when it pleased her to do so.

To my right was Jake: perfect bronzed body, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes – he was certain that he would become the favorite, and wore the collar as if it was some sort of prize that he had won. He was here hoping to earn a permanent place in the household – preferably in the owner’s bed.   

Me? I’m not important. Just call me Doll. The plain leather collar around my neck rankled; it wasn’t what I normally wore. 








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