NaNoWriMo Update for 11-13-2017

Catchy title, huh?

I started today 5482 words below par and am currently 4721 below par, so not much progress made. (And unless I get some another 898 words written before midnight I’ll be starting tomorrow even further behind.)

Tomorrow should be better though. I don’t have to go anywhere so once I get the morning routine out of the way I should be able to write without any interruptions other than being a doggy door.

One thing I need to do is to get back into the habit of getting up early. Sleeping in until 7:00 or later is just not working for getting stuff done. (But the blankets are so warm and cozy…)

I’m running into bigger issues than word count, though. I’m having plot issues. Serious plot issues.

Well, maybe not plot issues. More like pacing issues. I’m pretty sure that being 17,000 words in and not having introduced the second main character is kind of frowned upon.

And I’m really liking the two secondary characters way more than I should, considering that after the main character (Zin-who-still-doesn’t-have-a-full-name) leaves the Fortress we won’t be seeing either one much. We’ll run into Boyin at Zin’s estate, and Aslir at the very end, but…

I’ve considered turning Boyin into the second main character but that screws up way too much of the outline (which can be changed) and the plot (which is a harder thing to change).

Ah, well. That’s all stuff for edits and rewrites. First I need to focus on getting this draft done, and then it can sit for a while. After all, it’s a prequel to the Academy of the Accord series, which is hoping to be finished and released in 2020, which means this one is probably not going to be released until 2021.

So… onwards! Sticking to the outline as much as possible.

And trying not to cry over the thought that a fair amount of what I’ve written is probably going to get cut.




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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo Update for 11-13-2017

  1. S.D. Hegyes

    Do you work well with sprints? I tend to set up a bunch of group sprints in the morning and in the evening. If we’re buddies, they’ll show up under the group writing sprints. I usually have some from 9-12 EST in the mornin and 6 to midnight in the evening. Feel free to join if it would help.

  2. You and the secondary characters…you’re always encouraging them! ;)

    Seriously, it sounds like you’ve got the right attitude. You’re moving forward and not worrying too much about the fine details at this point in the draft, which is exactly in the spirit of NaNo.

    Good luck!

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