Sunday Snippet, November 12 2017

Thought I’d give you all a break from Song and Sword (I’ll probably come back to it in December) and spend the month posting excerpts from whatever I’ve written for NaNoWriMo the previous week.

I’m working on a prequel to the Academy of the Accord series. The tentative title is Creating Accord and it’s set a few generations before the series.

Zin isn’t the character’s full name but I don’t know it yet and [OLDEST SON] is because he doesn’t have any name yet. (Names are the bane of my existence. I think they are one step below blurb-writing on my most-hated list.)

I’m working on a prequel to the Academy of the Accord series. The tentative title is Creating Accord and it’s set a few generations before the series.

In this week’s snippet Zin has gone to the Fortress in response to a message from a friend. The morning after his arrival he attempts to go into town to the Messenger Station to send letters home. He runs into some trouble with a gate guard who won’t let him go, and the commander of the garrison – Boyin – intercedes and escorts him there and back. This conversation happens on their way back from the town.


Zin glanced at the commander. “So what is the real story on not being allowed to go into town to send my letters?”

“Orders from higher up. There’s been a change of command at the higher levels and they seem to think we’ve been too lax and easy going here. They’ve sent a bunch of new people, along with new orders relating to security.”

“But everyone in the tower is here of their own free will. They came here for protection.”

“I know. And we will protect them; that much hasn’t changed. It’s the way we go about it that they’re making changes to.”

“And you don’t like the changes?”

Boyin didn’t answer at first, frowning slightly as he weighed his answer. “I never had much to do with any of the wizards here, never even met any until you, but I never had anything against them either, and, like you said, they’ve all come here for protection because they don’t want any part of the wars.” He shook his head. “They came here for protection and the higher ups want to practically make prisoners out of them.”

Zin looked at him, startled. “Prisoners?”

“They’re not calling it that, of course, but I don’t know what else you could call it when they aren’t allowed to leave the grounds without an escort, and even that is being discouraged.”

“I have to leave,” Zin said. “I have to get home.”

“I’m not sure that’s going to be possible.”


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8 responses to “Sunday Snippet, November 12 2017

  1. LOL they’re always picking on witches — great snippet <3

  2. A somewhat ominous turn of events. Enjoyed the excerpt and of course wonder what will happen next…

  3. Sure sounds like it’s bordering on imprisonment to me. Interesting snippet.

  4. elainecsc2013

    Well, that doesn’t sound good. Intriguing.

  5. I like Boyin, the character you’ve created to break the news to He Who Must Not Be Named.

  6. Well, at least someone’s on Zin’s side. Although, I wonder how long Boyin’s going to be there.

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