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One Third

We’re one third of the way through NaNoWriMo and I’ve fallen below par. I started the day needing 2539 words to get up to where I need to be, 873 of which were from yesterday. I’m not going to get there today, and will probably end up even further behind because I’m in one of those phases where every word I put down is a struggle.

(Waking up with a migraine this morning didn’t help.)

So, I may be running (and feeling) a bit below par, but I am at least managing to write every day. (Maybe not much today, but still… some words are better than no words.)

In addition to trying to get the words on the screen to match the scenes in my head, I’m also trying to get all of my paper crafting stuff moved out of my room and downstairs to my Work Box. It’s a slow process – I’m taking stuff down each time I leave my room but I’ve dragged so much up here that it’s taking forever. Plus, I’m putting it away when I get it down there which is also taking time. (But on the other hand, I’m making great progress at organizing it as I go.)

And, of course, being November, my rats are sick so they’re getting medicated twice a day. (I don’t know what it is about November and their respiratory systems, but medicating rats pretty much an annual event now.)

And I have other things piling up on me that I need to be doing and I’m feeling guilty about them, so when I’m not writing I’m thinking “I should be writing” but when I am writing I’m thinking “I should be doing this, that, or the other.”

And, of course, now we’re at the weekend with blog hops to do and a rat cage to clean and…

Sometimes there’s just no way to win.



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