Sunday Snippet, October 29 2017

More from Song and Sword, the first novel I published, since I’m working on a sequel and need the motivation.  This follows immediately after last week’s snippet, which ended with:

The breeze grew stronger, bringing with it the scents of spring, and a faint light beckoned as well.  It grew brighter until he was almost sobbing with relief as he squeezed past a fallen boulder and found himself at the entrance to the outside world. 

The sky was burning with sunset as he stumbled out onto a boulder-strewn plateau.  Ahead of him a small rise promised a view of the world, and he headed toward it.

“Look, Kashrya,” he whispered.  “We’re free. It’s beautiful…”

She stirred in his arms, her eyes opening, staring up at him blankly. “Dakkas…”

“We made it, Kashrya! We’re out. We’re free.”  He dropped to his knees at the top of the rise, holding her so she could see the sky. “Look.”

She nestled against him. “Thank you, Dakkas.” Her voice was barely audible and the faintness of it pained him.  For a long moment they remained in silence, watching as the sky purpled.  “Dakkas? Sing to me. Sing me to sleep…”

“No!” he thought, but he could not deny her, and he sang, softly, choking on the words of the ancient lullaby.


Song and Sword cover

Pashevel: a simple Elven Bard — and the Crown Prince

Marlia: a Paladin of Arithen, the Elven God of Justice – seeking vengeance for the destruction of her village

Dakkas: heir to the Drow throne — if his father and elder half-brother don’t kill him first

Kashrya: raised among a tribe of nomadic Humans, she is unaware of her true heritage — or of the prophecy that made her mother an outcast

Their goal: build a bridge between the Elves and their outcast brethren, the Drow, reuniting them and undoing the damage caused in a time so far gone that history has become legend and legend has become myth.

But first, they have a problem to solve:  how do you stop a war that hasn’t started?

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5 responses to “Sunday Snippet, October 29 2017

  1. Very poignant. At least they’re outside and free for this sad moment. Great excerpt…

  2. elainecsc2013

    Sweet but so sad. I hope she’s going to recover.

  3. Great description, such a great snippet!

  4. There’s a valedictory feel to Kashrya’s request for a lullaby. It’s easy to see why he chokes on the words — and yet you’ve done this with beautiful subtlety.

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