Routine? What Routine?

I got a phone call from the staffing agency around 7:00 last night, telling me that the kid that I ride the bus with was admitted to the hospital so I’m not working today after all. (I have no idea why he was admitted or to which hospital so there’s no way of knowing when he’ll be going back to school.)

So, I’m unemployed again.  Just as I had finally figured out a rhythm of some sort that was letting me do some writing.

So, it’s back to being home and now I’m going to be job hunting just in case this absence stretches on for too long.

And I still need to find some sort of rhythm and routine for my writing. Novel-writing, that is. I’ve already written one blog post today for a 30 day journaling challenge (unrelated to novel writing) and now I’m working on this blog post.

And when I finish here I’m going to go get something to eat and then I am (hopefully) going to come back to my room and do some novel writing.

I’d better, because I asked a friend of mine to message me when she gets home from work today and ask me how many words I’ve written. So far that total is “none” because the blog posts don’t count.

But I want to have an answer larger than “none” to give her so I’m going to write (as soon as I get something to eat because breakfast was a long time ago).

Until I manage to get some sort of routine going, I think that having an accountability partner will help.

At least, I hope so.  I have goals to reach, and I need help getting to them.






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2 responses to “Routine? What Routine?

  1. You and me both on that last statement.

  2. (hugs) I’m sorry. I also disagree about blogs. They count. They take time and energy to write away from other projects, which you could be working on. I’m really glad you’ve continued to keep up yours. You’ve encouraged my creativity time and time again with your Wednesday Words. Thank you for doing so.

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