Sunday Snippet, August 20 2017

More from Song and Sword, the first novel I published, since I’m working on a sequel and need the motivation.  This follows immediately after last week’s snippet.

Continuing from last week.

Suddenly a figure appeared between Dakkas and Kashrya.  The torches on the wall made him nothing more than a silhouette, but Dakkas could make out the handle of a whip that pressed Kashrya’s face up.  “Tell him what they’re going to do to you.  Tell him what he’ll get to watch.”

She whimpered and shook her head, her body shaking with fear.

“Tell him!” Anger in the voice for the first time, and the man’s arm snapped back and the whip lashed out falling sharply across her breasts, eliciting the first scream from her.

“Stop it!” Dakkas was almost sobbing. 

“Are you offering to take her place?” the voice sneered.

“Yes. Just let her go.  Please, let her go.  Do whatever you want to me, but let her go.”  Dakkas had never begged for anything in his life, but now he was pleading with his unknown but so familiar tormenter.

“Very well,” the voice mocked.  “Tonight you can take her place. But for the main event, well, I think they will prefer her to you.”

He motioned and the Orcs left Kashrya and advanced on Dakkas.  A moment later dual whips slashed across his bare back. His back arched, his head snapping back, but he refused to give them the satisfaction of voicing his pain. Instead, his eyes sought Kashrya, silently pleading with her to forgive him.





Song and Sword cover

Pashevel: a simple Elven Bard — and the Crown Prince

Marlia: a Paladin of Arithen, the Elven God of Justice – seeking vengeance for the destruction of her village

Dakkas: heir to the Drow throne — if his father and elder half-brother don’t kill him first

Kashrya: raised among a tribe of nomadic Humans, she is unaware of her true heritage — or of the prophecy that made her mother an outcast

Their goal: build a bridge between the Elves and their outcast brethren, the Drow, reuniting them and undoing the damage caused in a time so far gone that history has become legend and legend has become myth.

But first, they have a problem to solve:  how do you stop a war that hasn’t started?

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5 responses to “Sunday Snippet, August 20 2017

  1. Wow … intense snippet. I hope he’ll get through this all right.

  2. You’re so tough on your poor characters!

  3. Situation going from bad to worse but I admire his bravery. A tough but well written excerpt…

  4. siobhanmuir

    What a hard place to be. Great snippet, P.T. :)

  5. elainecsc2013

    Intense. He’s in a hard place now.

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