What Have I Done?

Well, first let’s start with what I didn’t do.  I didn’t finish the scene for Onyx Sun. (Seriously, that scene is getting to be as bad as Book Two of the Other Mages trilogy.)

I have been thinking about it, though. (The scene, not Book Two.) And I have it more or less mapped out in my head, including how it ties in with something already written. The only problem is the space battle that is looming. I don’t really want it there, but it is kind of important in building the relationship between Taliya and Soraine, so there it is.

Or there it will be.

I hate writing fight scenes. Space battles are even worse.

Anyhow, I have been semi productive.

I loosed a new plot bunny on a friend by asking if she’d maybe like to collaborate on a story.  It’s still in the planning stages and she’s camping this weekend so we won’t get to discuss it much until next week, so we’ll see how it goes.

And I (gods help me!) started on Book 5.5 of The Academy of the Accord. (It will be Book 6 eventually, but for now I don’t feel like dealing with renumbering the current books 6 through 12 (which will become Book 13) so Book 5.5 it shall be known by.)

“Started on” might be too broad of a term. I created a new file and cut some stuff from the end of Book 5 and tossed in a few other scraps of stuff that I wrote. I need to iron them out into something coherent, and work on getting more of a plot into the story.  (Right now it’s basically just introducing some characters that will be more important later, but I need something for them to do – something that ties into the overall arc of the series. I just don’t know what that something is yet.)

But at least the file is there for me to swear at, and to realize how much I’ve missed working with those characters.

And now it’s the weekend and I’ll be home alone (aside from the dogs and the rats) and I have a bunch of stuff I want to do.

I need to figure out where my sun charms went, and the gears and other stuff went for a steam punk artist trading card. I know I have them and I know I saw the suns just a day or two ago so they can’t be too far hidden.

Once I find the suns I can finish the Sun, Moon, and Stars artist trading card and maybe work on some other exchanges, in between doing the blog hops, cleaning the rat cage and washing the cage trays. (I’ll do the cage stuff tomorrow morning so I’ll have to get the Rainbow Snippet stuff set up tonight).

But the major thing I want to do this weekend is to work on reorganizing my craft room.  Well, work on rearranging it – in order to reorganize it has to be organized to begin with and it’s… not. (I want to get a WorkBox 3.0 and I need to make a place to put it, hence the rearranging.)

Geeze. I even edit my living space…





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3 responses to “What Have I Done?

  1. That last line… LOL.

    And you turned AotA into 13 books now? When did you decide to do that? I know you’ve been kicking the idea around but I didn’t know you settled on doing it. (I really better start reading then…)

    • I’m not sure when I gave up fighting the idea. It really makes sense, though, because it’s going to make books 6 and 7 a lot easier to deal with, even though it means doing some massive rewriting of both of them.

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