It sure is a slippery beast, isn’t it?  It always seems able to get away from me, no matter how hard I try not to let it.

Take today, for instance. I was up by seven o’clock. (Not by choice – Jazzy is a bed and blanket hog.)  That should have given me plenty of time to finish the flip book for an exchange, write a letter to go into another one, possibly get a third ready to be mailed, go to the post office, write this blog post, work on Onyx Sun, do my weekend blog hops that I still haven’t started, set up my Sunday Snippet posts for the rest of the month, and do a million other things hovering around the edges of my overstuffed mind.

So how much did I get done in the thirteen hours (as I write this) that I’ve been up?

I put the dogs out about fourteen times. I ate breakfast and lunch. I got the flip book done and mailed it on the way to a local restaurant for supper. And now I’m doing this.

Oh, and I washed some dishes.

Where did time go?

I have no idea.

(Well, other than it’s hard to get any momentum when you’re being interrupted every hour or so by the canine members of the household.)

I’m trying really hard to be more aware of deadlines and upcoming events. Events, especially, have always been hard for me to get a handle on – Christmas, for example, sneaks up on me every single year because I keep thinking I have lots of time. (“Christmas is a month away. That’s lots of time.”  “Christmas isn’t for two weeks yet. That’s lots of time.” “I still have a week before Christmas. That’s plenty of time.”  And then suddenly it’s Christmas and I’m out of time.)

But anyhow, I really wanted to have Onyx Sun ready for beta readers by the middle of this month and I don’t think it’s going to happen. For one thing, it’s my own deadline, which means that it doesn’t carry as much weight as an externally imposed deadline.

Plus, you know, there’s still a week before the middle of the month. That’s lots of time.




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2 responses to “Time

  1. I’m right with you. I lost today in the same way you did. (rueful grin) I’m fighting the same battle with Stealing Myself From Shadows you are with Onyx Sun. (another rueful grin) Not to mention everything else and oh, I just remembered the submission I *haven’t* worked on. (yet another rueful grin)

  2. Welcome to my world every single day.

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