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I’m writing!  Okay, so I’m not working on the scene for Onyx Sun as planned, but I’m writing.

After Monday’s post I got to thinking that maybe working on something so close to done during a NaNo session isn’t such a good idea. There’s too much pressure to get it right instead of just getting it done.

So, I’m writing quick little scenes that may or may not develop into full novels. Of the four I’ve done so far two will and two won’t. Well, one of the two that will might actually be something that fits into an existing start that’s not been outlined at all yet, so we’ll see.

Productive? Not really. But it has me writing again and having fun with words and ideas.  (And isn’t that the spirit of NaNoWriMo?)

At this point, though, I’m pretty sure I’m not even going to hit the 10K that I set my word count goal down to, but at least I’m writing.

And I’m having fun.

Meanwhile, this post is kind of later than normal because of a minor crisis. I couldn’t find my grommet setter. It has rematerialized, so all is good and I can get back to work on my envelope flip book for the exchange at Swap-Bot.





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