Old Dogs Ice Cream and Now It’s Writing Time*

*With apologies to Tom T. Hall and “Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine.”

Well, I finally gave up fighting with my characters and decided to rewrite most of what I’ve written so far.

And I had a fairly good day yesterday, filled with inspiration, and I got some writing in but wasn’t sure how to fit it into what I already had written, so I decided that I needed to make a new Word doc for the scene because the original one was going to be an editing nightmare at the rate I was going and I already have more of those than I need.

Then this morning I came up with a great new version of things that I couldn’t wait to get written.

Unfortunately, most of that is still stuck in my head.

Today was cooler and more comfortable than the last few have been so it would have been a great day to write if only…

If only Jazzy, our almost 13 year old boxer, hadn’t started to yelp every time she stood up and even sometimes when she was laying still and moved a little. (She started seeming “off” yesterday – being very hesitant about the stairs, etc.)

She didn’t seem to be limping (well, other than being stiff in her hips, which has been the case since we adopted her in November) and none of her joints were hot and she didn’t react to me touching, pressing, or moving them.

Vet couldn’t get us in today so we ended up taking her to the chiropractor. (Our human chiropractor also works on dogs after hours. He’s just awesome like that.) Jazzy was moving much better when he finished with her and even holding her head up again. (Last night and earlier today she wouldn’t even pick her head up for treats.)

Then we went for ice cream. (We took both dogs because Riley doesn’t like to be left home alone and we wanted a house to come back to.) Jazzy is so delicate when she eats her ice cream.  Riley, on the other hand, nearly knocks the dish out of my hand when he goes after his.

(And then he kept eyeing up my ice cream cone, the brat!)

Anyhow, I am now going to try to get some words written.




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