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A New Adventure

As of eleven o’clock tonight I will be unemployed.  The long term care facility that I have worked at for the last three years has been sold and I have elected not to sign on with the new company. They’ve been less than forthcoming with information and what we have been able to glean just doesn’t sit right. Still, it’s going to be rough emotionally. Goodbyes are never easy and I’m going to miss some of the people, but I won’t miss the stress.

I have applied for a job at a different site with my current employer, but unless I get a call from HR today I will out of a job.

Scary? Yes.  I do have feelers out and some half-promises of a job but the uncertainty is unsettling.

On the other hand, the stress at work has been slowly sapping my energy and every shred of creativity. (I still want to do creative things, but they just haven’t been happening much.)

So, a new adventure awaits.

And what new adventure doesn’t have an element of fear and risk?

I do feel rather like my life is running along without an outline at the moment. Or maybe it’s taken a sharp left away from the outline.  Whichever, I am rushing to get caught up to it and get it back on track. Or maybe I should just pants it for a while and see where it goes.

I do know that at midnight tonight I plan to start writing for Camp NaNoWriMo. I still haven’t changed my goal from 31K for the month, but I might kick it up to 50K.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’m definitely going to be working on the extra scene for Onyx Sun that I have started, and maybe a couple other minor ones.  And then I’ll work on the Elven Bard novel. And I promise to ignore some rather insistent plot bunnies because I don’t want to start anything new until November.

Well, except for a new job. I would like to have one of those before then.




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