Maybe I Should…

I think I should just give up on ever being fully organized.

The other day while digging through a drawer of craft stuff I found a small bunch of index cards.

Hm, I thought. What’s this?  So I glanced through them and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. They were ideas for novels. Some I already had on index cards and some were ones I’d forgotten. Some are probably better left forgotten, but all have been merged into the index card project.

(I never did find the blank white cards and envelopes for making your own cards that I was originally looking for. I know I have some. Somewhere.)

I really need to get everything into a central location. Or locations. Writing stuff in one, paper crafts in another, counted cross stitch in another, crochet in another, miscellaneous other crafts in another…. As it is now it seems that every time I think I have everything rounded up I find more stuff that I had forgotten about lurking somewhere else.

Maybe next month… I should have more time and less stress next month.

Of courses, next month is also Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’m coming up with a plan…

I still don’t know what I’m working on for sure (probably Onyx Sun and the Elven Bard novel) but I’m thinking that I’ll write 500 words, then go do some decluttering or organizing or cleaning or something for 15 to 30 minutes, then write another 500 words.  My goal is currently set to only 31k but if that method pans out well for me I might up it to my traditional 50k.

So maybe July will be the month I finally start getting back on track with writing and clearing clutter and even doing other crafts.

Because I’m just too stubborn to give up.





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3 responses to “Maybe I Should…

  1. Stevie Miller

    Barbara Sher suggests something for people with many interests, who she refers to as “Scanners”. She has this idea that she calls the Scanner Daybook. You take a big, beautiful book and use it as a parking garage for all your ideas, especially whenever they are interrupting whatever you’re trying to focus on. The rules are, you have to use at least a two page spread for one idea, you have to put a descriptive title and the date at the top, and then you have to write out your idea in enough detail that if you were to die, someone could use just that description to successfully execute the idea without anything other than your daybook. Any time you have a new idea, you honor that idea by writing it out in full in this big beautiful book. Later you can decide if you want to use it or not. It keeps you from having to park it all inside your head, getting more and more overwhelmed and stressed. It also prevents you from ignoring and disregarding your ideas when really you are a creative powerhouse and your ideas are valuable and special.

    I have used this system for awhile now, and I have found it really valuable. There are so many great ideas I would have forgotten completely if I didn’t use it. I can’t tell you how many times I have outlined stories or art pieces or projects in far too little detail, and when I go back to them later, I have no idea what I was talking about, or I’m missing the “juice” of the idea. This method forces me to preserve all of it so that if I do want to pick it up later, I can go right back to where I left off. It also makes me feel like my ideas matter, and empties my head of all the stress, anxiety, and depression that came from trying to repress my boundless imagination. It puts everything in a central place, which I have actually found a lot more useful than trying to remember which subject heading I would have categorized an idea under–although in her book that I got this idea from, she has ways of dealing with that too. The book is called “Refuse to Choose!” and it has been an enormous help to me.

  2. Good luck with your goals! I’m also feeling the urge to re-organize. It slowly becomes more chaotic, doesn’t it?

    As for writing ideas, I tend to have a google docs documents with all my ideas stored in it and then I’ll open another doc for the idea I want to work and write on in that current moment as well as working in a notebook.

  3. Hmm, maybe there’s a way you can work organizing into your writing itself? It sounds like you’re on the path to figuring it out, even if you’re ankle deep in projects. :) I’m so excited to have you in End of the Rainbow cabin this July! (heart)

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