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Progress = Not Much

Where has the month gone?

And, more importantly, can I get it back for a do over?

Pretty much nothing productive has happened all month. I think I’ll just carry the same writing goals over into June, minus the short stories to submit to an anthology. (The deadline is the 31st and there’s no way it’s going to happen between now and then.)

I’ve poked at some outlining for November, though, and I’ve made a pretty good dent in the project to put all stories and story ideas on index cards so I can finally get them organized and see how many lifetimes it’s going to take me to write them all.

(At the rate that I’ve been writing this month the answer is 42.)

I really need to get back into the swing of things. I know this. I just don’t know how.

And in case I wasn’t sure that I needed to get back into the swing of things, a little while ago I tripped. I caught my foot in the handles of a tote that holds the notebooks for the concordance for the Academy of the Accord series. A definite sign that I should be working on stuff, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, however, I have made some progress on clutter, so life’s not all bad.

And maybe two days off isn’t enough to recharge from work, but maybe a month off is enough to refresh the muse?




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