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Double Trouble

I worked a double yesterday into today: 3PM to 7AM. I waffled on it all through the first shift but ended up staying because I felt guilty about leaving the aide on the unit by herself.  (With no nurse for my unit, the one on the other side would have had the entire floor. He would have been spread thin, especially since it was blood sugar day and there were seven of those on my unit plus whatever was on his. My unit also has a couple confused residents who try to climb out of bed so it’s kind of hard for one person to be there alone.)

(And then the Director of Nursing asked me if I was staying for the mandatory nursing meeting this morning.  I told her I was running on 22 hours since I last slept and I would go to the Tuesday one at 2:30.)

Anyhow, not much got done on my Camp project, but I managed to finish the first round paper edits of Book 9 of The Academy of the Accord series. And I think I have mostly untangled who is where when, courtesy of a bunch of hot pink post it notes and a pink pen.  I do still need to write the ending to that book, though. I got so fed up and frustrated with having lost track of people that I kind of gave up on it until I could sort it out.

(The characters are on a rescue mission, with three bonded pairs moving the victims to a safe house (where there are four more people waiting to tend to them) while another three pairs are keeping watch in the tower they’re rescuing people from. At some point I realized that I had people in two (or even three) places at the same time.)

While writing this blog post I came to the realization that the main reason that I lost track is that I waited for several “rescues” before showing what was happening in the safe house.  I think I need to follow each pair and their rescues and wait until they start back to the tower before moving on to the next rescue, and I’ve left myself a note to do that when I actually get around to entering the changes in the Word doc.

I am so thrilled with the progress I’m making on these edits.  Only three more books for 1st round edits, then I can work on entering changes.  I’ll have to set a goal for that, probably one or two chapters on work days and five to ten on days off, but we’ll see.)  At any rate, I will at least have all of the 1st round edits done this year. I’m not sure about getting all the changes entered, especially considering that I’m still writing the Elven Bard novel and am focused on getting Onyx Sun released this year.  I should get at least half of the 1st round changes entered though. (More if I work more night shifts, load the documents onto a flash drive, and take my laptop.)


I could get used this whole night shift thing if it wasn’t for the whole “I can’t sleep in daylight” thing.





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