Poking Along

It’s been an odd two days off.

Wednesday was my running around day.  I took Riley to the groomer

and while he was getting a shampoo, facial, and pedicure I got groceries.  Picked him up and ran up to Tractor Supply to pick up their “pain treats” then drove through McD’s because he was such a good boy. (I got a Big Mac without pickles and he got a plain hamburger. Then home to unload the car and put Jazzy’s harness on her (she can slip a collar faster than you can say “Houdini”) and we went to visit the residents at the long term care facility where I work.

By the time we got home from there all three of us were wiped out (wrangling 130+ pounds of Boxers can do that to you) so pretty much nothing got done the rest of that day.

Yesterday I made haluski (finally! I finally made a good batch of haluski!) and cleaned the rat cage.

I also tried to participate in Siobhan Muir’s “Thursday Threads” challenge but as usual was way over the 250 word limit and not done with the story yet. I also poked at a few things that needed done around the house.

I need to poke harder at things that need done around the house – I have a friend coming to visit next Thursday.

(Actually, I just need to poke harder at things that need done around the house in general.  I hate housework.)

I also poked at my writing – a little.  I should poke harder at that too.


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