Leaving WattPad

If there is anything on my WattPad that you would like to read, do it soon, as it will all be gone by the end of the month.


Because I no longer feel safe having my writing there.

A friend of mine has been having some issues with them.  Someone tried to gain access to her account (she has screen shots of them admitting it).  This same person has basically hijacked one of her stories because they wanted to add chapters to it (which is also why they were trying to gain access to her original account.)

She reported all of this to WattPad and their response was… less than satisfactory.

They claimed that the new story was a “similar theme” and therefore not subject to DMCA.

And they not only completely ignored the proof that someone was trying to gain access to her account, they threatened to ban her if she continued to report them.

Now, granted, I’m not nearly as active on WattPad as she has been.  She generally posts at least once a week (updating Shards of Imagination – short stories based on my Wednesday Words prompts), is active on the message boards, etc, so I have few fans and no stalkers, but given the trouble she’s been having, in my mind at least it’s not worth the risk.

So, all my stuff is coming down.

It’s a slow process.  I’ve been trying to delete stuff but it won’t let me.  I did manage to get Sanguine down, but only by deleting one chapter at a time. It wouldn’t let me delete the remaining one, so I unpublished it and then was able to delete it.  That was earlier this morning and now it’s not even letting me do that with Song and Sword – I keep getting some sort of screen about embedding the story.

But I’ll keep chugging away at it and it will all be down by the end of the month, if not sooner.

I’m kind of sad.  When I was posting more regularly I was getting some likes and up votes, but, well…

To me, it’s just not worth it.




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  1. Wattpad doesn’t help writers that aren’t popular or bringing them in any money. I really don’t understand why users don’t see that :/ I’m sorry your friend is having issues, but the fact remains, the company doesn’t care about non-popular accounts.

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