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Plot Bunny Census #1*

I’m not quite sure how the conversation started, but I think we were comparing how many plot bunnies we had, so I started making a list of books in progress or planning, and it’s… well… Let’s just say I’d better discover the Fountain of Youth or a Philosopher’s Stone.

I thought maybe I should lay my shame out here for all to see.

1) Onyx Sun
2) The 12 (or maybe13) books of the Academy of the Accord series
3) The Other Mages trilogy
4) The Betrayal trilogy (desperately ISO a better name)
5) Sequel to Sanguine
6) Sequel to Onyx Sun
7) A spinoff from Onyx Sun (Soraine)
8) A possible spinoff from Onyx Sun (Jad)
9) Two sequels and a prequel to Song and Sword
10) Lost House
11) Sea Witch
12) Dragon’s Tear
13) Paranormal Picnic
14) Hedge House
15) a nameless novel that involves a Minotaur and a Sasquatch
16) Disturbed Magic (which is going to end up being a trilogy)
17) Benn and Rin (needs a name)
18) Fighting Back (needs a new name)
19) Guardians of the Abyss (probably needs a new name)
20) another novel in need of a new name
21) Rainbow Rescue (in need of a new name)
22) SRish (the name makes sense to me, but, yes, it’s in need of a new name)
23) Vishkaya
24) a Demon and Angel story that started as a flash fiction piece
25) genie in a bottle
26) The Sword and the Shield

That’s something like 45 or 46 novels.

I’m 56.

Do the math.

And that’s not counting a bunch of stuff in my “Plot Bunny bag” or in a file called “story starts.”

Now, in all fairness, some of the above are written, or nearly so.

Onyx Sun, for instance, is in revision and should be out this year.

The Academy of the Accord is an editing nightmare but I’m making headway.

The nameless trilogy (Betrayal) is written and just needs to start the editing process.

Hedge House is mostly done.

The first book of Disturbed Magic is done.

Lost House is… maybe a quarter of the way done?  Maybe a third?

The Minotaur and Sasquatch is done, but needs to be expanded.

The Other Mages is… well… we won’t talk about Book Two, okay? I might make it my next year’s project, or tackle it after I get Onyx Sun released.  Book One is done, and Book Three just needs some massive changing but is mostly done, if I could just figure out what Book Two is doing…

The Sword and the Shield is almost done: just a couple more scenes to write, really.  But it needs a massive editing job. (As in, I need to completely write out one character and find another way to advance a relationship that she was unwittingly (and unwillingly) a part of.)

Most of the rest, however, are a few paragraphs to a few chapters in length.


I wonder what would happen if I wrote a sentence or a paragraph in each one every day?


*Someday I’ll add the contents of the plot bunny bag and the “story starts” file to the list.



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