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Weekend Plans

It’s my Friday and I’m looking forward to my “weekend” on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I currently have over twenty things (and growing) on my “To Do” list for my days off.  Some of them won’t take all that long but it’s a matter of making myself do them.  Of course, it’s the same with the ones that will take a long time – making myself do them.

Some are writing related, some are pet related, and some are just housework – which is still kind of writing related because it helps me work through plot issues.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share my oh-so-exciting weekend plans with you, because, you know, writers have such glamorous lives.


Clean the rat cage.

Rat food to containers.

Jazzy to the vet on Tuesday at 11:15 for a check up on her eye.

Clean up the dog poop in the yard. (See? I told you it was glamorous!)

Measure the fence.

Mark where crocuses are or aren’t so I don’t dig up too many when planting roses later this spring. (Yes, we have crocuses blooming. In February. In Western Pennsylvania.)

Move the white barrel.

Move the (neighbor’s) rain spout.

Clean the stove.

Clean out the fridge (since garbage won’t be picked up until Wednesday this week because today is a holiday).

Mop the kitchen floor.

Set up Wednesday Words for March.

Set up Rainbow Snippets for March.

Set up Sunday Snippets for March.

Write two thousand words for my Elven Bard WiP.

Outline Paranormal Picnic.

Outline the “Shared Soul” thing and change its name because it strayed from the original concept and I’m pretty sure there’s no going back.

Outline Fighting Back. (And find it a better title.)

Do two very overdue beta reads.

Work on my entry for the QSF Flash Fiction Contest.

Play with my laminator.

Set up my planners for next month.

Enter changes to Onyx Sun so I can get it printed for another go round.


I think that should keep me out of trouble.

And I think that I might need more than two days off.




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