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Sunday Snippet February 5, 2017

I decided to still post from the twelfth book of The Academy of the Accord series.  This is something that I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut, but I like it too much to just let it disappear, so it will probably be transformed into a side story or something.

Jorsen took Autheren home with him for the summer and the two of them went on a sailing trip up the coast for a few days. A storm blew in and they took shelter for the night in a cave on the cliff, only to wake up and discover that they were being watched by an Afiani, a bird-like race that is not known for friendliness toward humans. I’m picking up from last week’s snippet, in which Autheren (who is known for his friendliness to everything and everyone) has invited Lirit to join them for breakfast.

Lirit to join them for breakfast and they are trying to get dressed without exposing themselves to her.

Lirit’s last line from last week:  “You are embarrassed by nakedness?”

“Sometimes.  Especially when in the presence of the opposite sex.”  Jorsen frowned.  “You wear clothes,” he pointed out.

“They are practical,” she shrugged. “But my people are not embarrassed by not wearing them.”  She tilted her head curiously.  “Are you sure you would not be more comfortable if I took them off?”

“No,” Autheren said quickly and Jorsen choked back a laugh.

“We would be more comfortable,” he said, “if you would turn around so we could put ours on.”



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