I Need a Clone

Seriously.  I need to clone myself.

On Wednesday I had to take one of the dogs to the vet about her eye.  Turns out there are two abscesses in it (apparently that’s a common thing with Boxers) so Jazzy now gets eye drops (a serum made from her blood) and an ointment three times a day. She is… not thrilled with the procedure.

Sixty two squirmy pounds of not thrilled.

I have slowly been winning the battles, though, and can pretty much do it by myself, as opposed to needing the army I was wishing I had the first time.  Still, having two of me wouldn’t be a bad thing, for a lot of reasons.

For one thing, one of me could go to work and the other one of me could stay home and write, because I’m getting excited about my current WiP, a sequel to Song and Sword, and this past week I’ve managed to add roughly a thousand words to it, despite the fact that I’m still wasting most of my available energy on unimportant things like, oh… breathing…

But I love it when stories take off on their own and I’m having fun now, and I want to write.  I want to see where the story takes me.

So far there has been no massive deviation from my outline, only things being added to the story.

Like a conversation going a bit sideways when one of the characters mentions that he’s planning something that I hadn’t thought of.

And that led to the appearance of a pair of “Orc fishing knives” that also weren’t anywhere in my outline, but which are going to be important later.

And then there’s a touch of moodiness from one of the characters which is going to be interesting to explore and work with. (I understand the root of it, but it’s going to be fun seeing how it impacts his relationships with the other characters.)

So, yeah, I’m getting excited about the story and am eager to work on it.

As soon as I can breathe.

Unfortunately, the problem with the excitement for writing is that it’s pushing editing to the side and I really do want to get Onyx Sun released this year.

Not to mention the million other projects – writing and non – that are piling up.

Yep. I need to clone myself.



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  1. If you figure out how to clone yourself, let me in on that secret please.

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