January 2017 Goals

Yay! I have a new (well, refurbished) monitor so I have my PC back.  It’s a smaller monitor, and square instead of a rectangle, but at least it stays on. On my days off this week I’ll be making sure that I have backed up all of my files though.

So, anyhow, now that I have access to all my files it’s going to make my goals for 2017 a lot easier to manage.

Actually, I don’t have overall goals for the year, other than releasing Onyx Sun at some point. (I’d like to make it through first round edits of the rest of the Academy of the Accord series, but I’m not holding myself to that as some of these books are a total mess.)

Anyhow, instead of setting a bunch of goals for the year, I’m going to just do one month at a time.

So, without further ado, here are my January Writing Goals:

  • finish the first round of revisions of Onyx Sun
  • enter the changes
  • get it printed for round two
  • enter changes made to Academy of the Accord Book 5
  • do the 1st round paper edits of Academy of the Accord Book 6
  • Add 5000 words to the Elven Bard book I’m working on
  • set up my traveler’s notebook that is dedicated to writing stuff
  • inserts will include:
  • notes for current WiPs
  • notes for new ideas/stuff not started
  • stuff that’s in progress but not currently being worked on (I need to find a way to track where each project is in the writing process.)

That looks like a lot more when it’s typed up than it did when I wrote it down… I’ve probably over-committed myself again. As usual.

But I’ve set smaller deadlines than “by the end of the month.”  I want to have Onyx Sun‘s first round revisions done by the 13th, for instance, and the changes entered – and the file ready to print – by the 27th. Meanwhile, I’ll be entering the changes to Book 5 of The Academy of the Accord with a goal of having them done by the 13th, and then I’ll work on the paper edits of Book 6.

So it looks like a lot, but with smaller deadlines and alternating modalities (paper edits of one while entering changes of another) it should be doable.

And the 5K words?

Piece of cake. I can do them with 750words.com and not have to worry about cutting into editing time.

So, there’s January.  That’s all I’m worrying about right now.



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  1. Skye Hegyes

    Sounds like some worthy goals, I’d say. ^_^

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