Mid-December Status

We’re halfway through December and I would like to announce that I am conquering my writing goals for the month.  (Apparently I had set some – or else I just renamed the file of October’s goals.)

But first, a funny story unrelated to writing.

On Wednesday, my Boxer, Riley, got his stitches out from his tumor removal. We took Jazzy along for the ride and on the way back we stopped at my mom’s for a bit, then came home and went to the nursing home for a visit.  Both dogs were pretty worn out when we got home so the three of us dozed on the couch while my roommate went to get a new cell phone.

They were snoring and I got up and went to the bathroom (yes, writers do that too) and then threw a load of laundry in the washer. (Yes, we also do laundry.)

I came back up from the basement and was heading upstairs to get online when I heard three short sharp barks from the front room so I detoured to see what was wrong, thinking maybe Sue was coming home.


Apparently Riley woke up and I wasn’t where he had left me.

He’s been my shadow pretty much since we brought the two of them home last month, but he’s now become velcro-dog. This morning he managed to open the bathroom door while I was in the tub, and, after some petting, he took up a position on the bathmat and dozed until I got out.


As I said, I’d like to announce that I am conquering my writing goals for the month.

I’d like to announce that, but I can’t.

In fact, I’m announcing that we’re halfway through December and I haven’t even looked at the file that contains my writing goals for the month until last night when I happened to notice it on my desktop.

I have been thinking about them. I was going to work on Onyx Sun revisions last night at work but ended up not really having any downtime.

The goals were (are – I still might get to some of them):

Academy of the Accord:
enter changes to Book 5

edit Book 6 (first round paper edits)
try to get books 1 through 4 (maybe 5) in the concordance

Onyx Sun:
finish going through current print out
list additional scenes needed
write additional scenes
insert additional scenes
print it again

third round paper edits
find a cover artist
write a blurb
format the novel
release it

rough draft outlines for sequels to Song and Sword (and a prequel)
write at least 1000 words a week in an existing WiP
spend at least one hour a week on some other hobby/craft

So far I have, um… well… *sigh*

I do have outlines at least started for the Song and Sword sequels and prequel.  And one of the sequels was started last month.

On a brighter note I’ve so far managed not to add any more “important papers” to my computer hutch.

At any rate, I think I’m going to just agree to let December be a wash and work on setting goals for next month (and next year). (Although I am still going to try to work on Onyx Sun if I get a break at work.


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